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27th Aug 2021

A seriously tasty looking art instillation has just popped up in Cork City

Fiona Frawley

We’re very intrigued by this one!

Dublin based artist Maser is now a staple of the Irish art scene, well known for his bright and bold street art and of course, his iconic Repeal heart which will forever be synonymous with that time in Irish history.

Now his work has popped up in the real capital, and this is a piece we feel you can really get immersed in. As in literally, you can sit inside it.

The 3D piece incorporates the striking colours and playful shapes Maser is now easily distinguished by, but this time they’re not part of a mural or on the side of a building – they’ve become something we can step inside!

The piece is part of Cork’s Design Pop Festival, a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and most importantly of Cork City. The festival takes place this weekend 27th-30th and Corkonians can expect exciting pieces such as this popping up throughout the city!

Not only is this a stunning piece of art. No no, that’d be too basic. Sure you can eat your dinner inside there too!

The “Art door dining” collab also features food from Crawford Gallery Cafe such as this stunning little dish. We have no idea how this is all going to work, but we’re intrigued. If you’re in and around Cork City this weekend, it’s definitely worth popping out for a look! There’s more info on this piece and others over on the Design Pop Cork website.

Header image via Maser Art 

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