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30th Jul 2019

Explore Éire: Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths Should Be On Every Irish Bucket List

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

If you’ve ever been to the West of Ireland one thing that stays with you is the fresh salty smell of the air.

This mostly comes from the seaweed that washes up on the shores.

My grandmother is 92 and she’s still an absolute rocket who looks after a farm, cooks whopper dinners and manages to still look young. I do pray for her genes but I also think she must have some kind of secret.

Growing up, I spent my summers in Ballybunion on the beach. While we explored rock pools and built sandcastles, she would head into the seaweed baths – literally every time.

I’ve seen a lot of seaweed baths popping up as of late and I have to say, I’m intrigued. It’s a mixture between that nostalgic memory of my nimble Nan on sunny days and also the wish to look as good as her at 92.

During my weekly Insta-stalk for the next best thing I came across Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths.

These baths were built in 2018 and they look deadly.

They overlook the sea and act as the ideal way to immerse yourself in pure bliss. The mobile baths tend to switch up their destination but they usually announce dates, places and times on their website on Wednesday evenings.

Made from Irish Whiskey Barrels, this looks like something that should be on every Irish bucket list.

Upon visiting, you can expect to find them pouring the hot seaweed baths, whilst using locally and sustainably hand harvested seaweed.

They said:

“We take pride in offering a high quality service which is why every bath is emptied, scrubbed and cleaned before the next person immerses themselves in an hour of bliss whilst enjoying a panoramic view of some beautiful bay or expanse of coastline we set up in all the while endless hot water top ups are brought to you to keep your bath nice and toasty.”

Seaweed baths have been in Ireland for over a century and seaweed is known for its health-giving properties such as healthier skin, releasing aches and pains as well as contributing to incredible sleep afterwards.

The baths cost €35.00 per person or €50.00 for two adults sharing a bath.

Sounds like a dream. Another one to add to the summer bucket list.