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01st Jan 2020

Three days in Malta: explore one of Europe’s most beautiful islands

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Booking a holiday?

Malta is often a destination that is overlooked or forgotten about but let me tell you, it’s a little slice of paradise.

My boyfriend and I travelled over for a short weekend break and I haven’t stopped raving about it since. Malta is a tiny little island just off the coast of southern Italy. It’s a republic, it’s handy because everyone uses the euro and it’s the EU’s smallest member state.

The best part? You can see so much of the country in a short stint – most cities are only a half-hour drive from one another and there’s a rake of buses and taxis available so there’s no stress of learning how to drive in a rented car on the wrong side of the road.

There are so many options when it comes to this Mediterranean destination, here my top picks:

Where To Stay:

Valetta – Valetta Lucente

Valetta is the capital so as you can imagine, there’s a plethora of hotels and Airbnbs.

The Valetta Lucente is an old-fashioned, rustic venue with a contemporary twist. There’s a large royal emphasis to the decor and every room is unique.

Bugibba – The Dolmen Hotel

Bugibba is a small tourist area near St Paul’s.

It’s a good place to stay because it’s only a short distance from the most popular destinations for tourists – Valletta, Mdina and Gozo. It’s a pretty small place so it’s not over-crowded and acts as the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the main cities.

The Dolmen Hotel is reasonably priced and boasts five pools (two by the sea), has a wet bar, a casino, travel agents, gym and spa as well as free breakie – literally everything you could want from a holiday.

It’s suitable for all ages and has a great atmosphere with live music and events nightly.

Mdina – The Xara Palace Relais & Chateux

Mdina was once the capital of Malta. It’s based in the Northern Region and is still confined within its original walls.

This stunning hotel has so many little sun traps to laze in during the day as well as an on-site restaurant, hot tub, bar and banquet room.

Day 1 – Valetta

Valetta is the capital city of Malta and probably the most popular destination for European tourists.

There are multiple bus routes that go in and out of the city but a taxi is the best way to go. They all have fixed rates and you can book and pay for them beforehand so you know exactly how much it is going to cost.

The capital city is a really stunning spot and should definitely be on your radar. It has some breath-taking architecture including a large gated entrance that looks like something out of Game Of Thrones – it’s clear to see why the popular series was filmed in various places across this beautiful country.

The main streets are buzzing with high street stores, buskers and restaurants but the real beauty is along the edge of the city, looking out to the ocean – an ideal spot for a walk during sunset.

Eat In: D’Office

D’Office was recommended to us and it was a stun lil spot.

The menu features various rabbit dishes, seafood pastas and Italian favourites – there’s a strong Italian influence in most of the cuisine because it’s super close. It’s located just off the square on a quieter street but it’s still a great place to people watch.

If it gets chilly, blankets are provided on each chair to wrap yourself in as you sip away on a Hefty glass of wine.

Fancy Feast: Capo Crudo

Amazing views, incredible food, great price.

This place is ideal for special occasions. Located by the sea this contemporary diner is too fab.

Drink In: The Bridge Bar

This was probably the best thing we did in Malta.

The Bridge Bar is hidden away on the outskirts of the city. It’s a teeny, tiny bar with only outdoor seating areas and a candlelit bridge to mark it. To the left of the venue is steps leading up and down to it where large crowds gather and chill on small cushions provided by the bar.

On Friday evenings there’s live jazz by the bridge and it’s well worth catching. It’s €15 for a bottle of wine which you can enjoy on the steps and there’s also tapas options for nibbles during the tunes.

Day 2 – Gozo And Comino

Going for a dip in the Blue Lagoon is a must during your time in Malta.

Gozo is a small island just off the coast of Malta. There are various tours that you can do to get here. We went through our hotel but there was also private hire boats along the pier too, so it’s entirely up to you.

Gozo is filled with history, quirky buildings, market squares and sparkling waters but the real treat is stopping off in Comino on the way back to the mainland.

Comino is home to the Blue Lagoon, the most incredible, crystal blue swimming area I’ve ever seen.

The water was the perfect temperature and we found an area that wasn’t swarming with tourists. Be sure to bring flip flops or swimming shoes with you as the rock is quite hard to walk on barefoot.

Be sure to give yourself some time to walk around the island too because it’s really fab.

Day 3


The stunning hilltop city of Mdina has a timeless beauty that has impressed for hundreds of years.  From scaring off invading Turks, to inviting in invading tourists, Mdina’s beauty is hard to explain, you really have to visit.

Expect winding passages, limestone buildings, random benches and lots of photo opportunities.

Eat in: Bacchus

Immerse yourself in an authentic dining experience in Bacchus’ historic chambers.

They date back to 1657 and were used as gunpowder magazines for the main fortified bastion. The chambers are double vaulted and have preserved their original characteristics.

Such a cool spot.

All you need to do now is book that flight!

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