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14 Cheap Date Ideas In London

By Dylan Varian

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


While we have talked about date ideas in the past in London; Foodie Dates and some amazing walks you could take, these were somewhat expensive - bar the walk, they're free, obviously. So we have complied a list of 14 things you can do on the cheap - while at the same time still looking like you put in an effort to your other half.

1. Cheap Seats for the National Theatre


From about £5 on you can get a standing ticket for the National Theatre. Who would turn down tickets for a fiver?

2. Borough Market


We're big fans of Borough Market and who wouldn't be? You can stroll around to your hearts content trying all the free samples or even just sit back with a nice coffee and people watch or have a nice conversation with your date. This is a perfect, and cheap, idea for a date in London.

3. The British Library


It's free and if your date is a massive bookworm this is perfect for them. Though you may lose them amongst all the books and they may never come back out again. So bare that in mind.

4. Feed The Ducks at Hyde Park


For £1 you can buy some bread and feed the ducks. They'll be happy they're getting fed, you'll get to spend some quality time with your date. Everyone is happy. Bar the ducks at the back of the line who don't get any bread. But you can't please everyone now, can you?

5. Dalston Roof Park


As you can tell from the photo, London does get sunshine every so often. So when it does come out why not take your date up to the Dalston Roof Park. It's just £5 for a membership and you can see movies, listen to music and get a coffee or tea.

6. Visit The Sky Garden


It's free and it looks class. Why wouldn't you go here?

7. A Pint Outside


We know pints are a kind of common date idea, but a pint outside. That changes the game altogether. Why, because it's London and people don't have pints outside because the sun doesn't visit often. And best of all? It'll only cost you as much as a pint.

8. The National Portrait Gallery


It's free, and who doesn't like looking at some old school selfies.

9. Covent Garden


You don't have to buy anything, why not just window shop? Take a nice stroll and take in what Covent Garden has to offer.

10. The Electric Cinema


Double bed. Cinema. While yes, you could load netflix at home and throw it on the tv - but imagine being nice and comfy in a double sofabed in an actual cinema. It's a bit pricey - but fuck it who cares it's well worth the money.

11. Be A Tourist


It's a bit expensive at £26, but worth it. There's nothing more fun than being a tourist in your own city and this is the perfect excuse. Be silly for a day and get a nice tour of London.

12. A Picnic


Grab a tenner, head to the local supermarket and grab yourselves a tonne of shit. If you budget correctly that's roughly 2 sandwiches and a bottle of wine. Or if you're unlike me and have their priorities straight that's a few more things to eat and very very cheap wine.

13. Angel Comedy


Free comedy for five days a week (with the optional donation at the end) and just a tenner on the weekends well worth the trip and it's a bit different from the normal date idea. And on the plus side, if your date is boring at least someone will make you laugh.

14. Climb The Monument


Don't go free climbing this thing - that'll probably lead to an arrest. However do pay just £4 to get inside and head up the stairs for an amazing view of the city.

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