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15 Savage Aer Lingus Destinations You Should Be Checking Out This Summer

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Last week we had a look at some of the places you could head to this summer using Ryanair and we thought it only fair that we do the same for Aer Lingus

The best thing about the airline is that we can go further afield with our choices, but we've thrown in plenty of bargains too. 

All this talk of holidays has us whipping out the credit card and hoping to escape this rain sooner rather than later.

1. Agadir (Morocco)

A city along Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast that's the perfect place to come and relax during the summer. With amazing beaches and golf courses, just about everything you could possibly need to unwind is here.

  • You're on a different continent, but the flight doesn't feel long at all
  • Amazing unique shopping experiences 
  • Huge unspoilt beaches that aren't overcrowded 
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 29 24

2. Prague 

One of the best cities you'll ever visit as a tourist, from the gorgeous scenery to the great nightlife. There's a reason why so many people come here and rave about the place and you'll discover that for yourself as soon as you visit. 

Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 33 43

3. Vancouver 

Often voted as one of the best cities in the world to live in, with good reason. Has a brilliant café culture during the summer and with water everywhere and amazing mountains close by, you're never far from some action sports.

  • Wonderful city to get around, explore and eat in
  • A city for the outdoor enthusiasts who love all kinds of sports
  • Constant events, festivals and tonnes of museums and culture mean you'll always be busy
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 35 01

4. Toulouse 

A wonderful gateway into the southern half of France, and Spain. You'll probably want to rent a car and explore the areas around the city for a couple of weeks to get the most of out it all.

  • Amazing food, wine and places to relax 
  • Much cheaper than other parts of southern France and Spain
  • Something for everybody with mountains, beaches and rivers all close by
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 36 30

5. Madrid

Most holiday makers think of the Costa's or Barcelona but you'd be foolish to ignore the capital of Spain and all it's glory. Wonderful food, culture and people watching make this a must visit. 

  • Wonderful tapas and wine that you could spend all day eating 
  • Huge parks and lots of open areas to explore and relax in 
  • Great culture, museums and events 
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 38 07

6. Honolulu, Hawaii

A seriously long couple of flights to the centre of the Pacific, but once you get there you'll be in for one hell of an experience. Explore the various islands and make sure you give yourself at least a couple of weeks. 

  • Take time to learn how to surf on the North Shore 
  • Very Americanised in terms of food, culture and getting about
  • Expect pretty severe jet lag if travelling from Dublin
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 38 38

7. Los Angeles 

One of the most famous cities in the world and there really is something for every member of the family and age group to do once you get there. 

  • The home of entertainment globally, so lots to lap up at the studios and theme parks
  • Celebrity spotting like you've never experienced before 
  • Great climate pretty much all year round
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 39 42

8. Geneva 

You probably wouldn't think of going to the Alps during the summer, but Switzerland is a wonderful place when the snow melts and the sun comes out. 

  • Quieter during the summer months than winter 
  • Plenty of adventure sports in the Swiss Alps 
  • Lake Geneva is like something out of a postcard in summer 
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 40 52

9. Donegal 

Not one that you'd expect on the list, but the fact is so few of us visit this far flung corner of Ireland because we think it is simply too far away. No excuse with being able to fly and you'll be rewarded by an incredible landscape and people.

  • As nice a coastline as you'll see anywhere in the world 
  • Great hospitality, people and restaurants to make your stay a joy
  • Endless walks and beaches to explore 
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 41 44

10. Copenhagen

One of the most relaxed cities in Europe, the city is surrounded by water so you'll always find a place to sit down and chill out. The Danes are super friendly, speak great English and the food is top class. 

  • Great city to cycle around
  • Amazing food scene 
  • Beautiful design everywhere 
Screen Shot 2016 02 13 At 13 01 48

11. Charleston

A gorgeous city that has a unique look, charm and feel about it. Part European and part American, you could spend a couple of weeks lazing here and enjoying their great food and recent history. 

  • Bathed in Civil War history with lots of museums and tours
  • Completely unlike the rest of America 
  • Close to excellent beaches and spots to relax in summer 
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 44 17

12. Catania 

Nearly as far south as you can go in Italy, and a perfect gateway to explore the wonderful island of Sicily. You'll want to get out of the city and explore the island rather than staying there for the duration though.

  • You'll need to rent a car to get the most out of the island 
  • Incredible food, markets and cafes 
  • Warm enough to have a sunny break from March or April onwards
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 44 58

13. Cape Town 

One of the most beautiful and iconic cities in the world. While there is a whole continent to see in Africa, it'll take you a good two weeks here to make the most of this wonderful corner of the planet. 

  • One of the most visually stunning cities in the world 
  • Amazing vineyards, food and service all along the cape 
  • English-speaking and not much of a time difference to Dublin
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 46 16

14. Bologna 

The city itself will only keep you interested as a tourist for a day or two, but a wonderful place to base yourself, rent a car and get exploring this amazing part of Italy. You could easily tackle Venice, Pisa, Milan and other cities like Florence from this great spot.

  • World class culture, arts and music 
  • The best in food and wine 
  • Good train systems to take day trips from here as a base
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 47 45

15. Abu Dhabi 

Although the Gulf State has plenty of money and isn't shy about spending it, you'll find it way less flashy and more relaxing that neighbouring Dubai. Which isn't to say you won't find lots of top quality hotels to chill out in. 

  • World class hotels, food and service 
  • Way too hot in June, July and August so book accordingly
  • Brilliant range of shops, so bring lots of spare cash
Screen Shot 2016 02 19 At 14 48 32

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