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The 10 Places With The Highest Hipster Density Per Square Foot In Dublin

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Love them or hate them there are hipsters roaming all over this city and they are multiplying at an alarming rate with their handle bar moustaches, fixie bikes and clothes made from hemp. We're pretty sure 2015 will be the year where the craze reached it zenith and we'll all move back to being clean shaven, start wearing fitted three piece suits and carrying canes around with us as we move onto the latest fashion trend. For many, the biggest job is to avoid hipsters and find somewhere normal that serves drinks out of actual glasses rather than jam jars and sit in some modern furniture rather than your grannie's old couch. These are the 10 spots where you'll most likely find hipsters in Dublin...

10. Kaph

Great little coffee spot just off Grafton Street that is super popular with the middle aged hipster who wants to get away from the horrible commercial buzz and sip their Matcha Latte and eat gluten free cakes at the weekend.


9. Bison

Although modelled on a BBQ joint in Texas with saddles as seats at the bar and quality grub this quickly become a mid week watering hole for hipsters who wanted to have a drink (of whiskey) and get away from the stress of managing their ever expanding vinyl collection.


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8. Pyg

When hipsters have been out all weekend drinking themselves stupid on craft beers and designer gin cocktails and are feeling rough from a weekend of excess you'll find them all hanging out on the comfy couches in Pyg. Walking around here on a Sunday you'll see Hipsters spread out like dead soldiers from world war one in the trenches.

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7. Blackbird

New enough to the scene but the worn out couches, old lampshades and tons of craft beer drew the attention of the hipsters within days of opening. It was as if they could smell the dust and faux vintage as they cycled past on their fixies and were drawn in for another authentic hipster experience.

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6. Anseo

Has been a dive bar for a number of years but hipsters starting calling it home once they saw that there were DJ decks, loads of cool beers and a slightly musty smell in the jacks which are all crucial tick boxes for any self respecting hipster.

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5. Dice Bar

A little piece of New York on a street corner in Smithfield that is heaving with Hipsters drinking craft beer on tap. Again probably one of the first hipster spots in Dublin and given how small it is could have topped the list because there are usually 3 hipsters per square foot in here.


4. The Bernard Shaw

Scruffy dive bar that feels like you are walking into a festival like electric picnic. The perfect place to go if you don't feel like dressing up and look scruffy after work because you'll blend right in. Nothing says hipster more than unkempt dress.


3. Crackbird

Joe Macken has been doing hipster longer than it takes to grow the perfect free flowing beard and "the bird" is like Mecca of the Hipster religion. The tunes are often so loud that you can't hear the person across the table and the staff have all been to extreme hipster dress school to fit in with the vibe.


2. P Macs

Nearly topped the list but just lost the top spot. Pumping tunes, board games and staff that look like they have been dragged out of New York photo shoot make this a hipster's paradise. Throw in shit loads of craft beer, a relaxed attitude to smoking outside and Jenga being played with the intensity of a world championship chess match and the hipsters come flocking.

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1. The Fumbally

This was the mecca for hipsters in Ireland before anybody here even knew what the word meant. The tone is set by the staff with their veggie food, wild beards and laid back attitude to allowing dogs in and people to play music.



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