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The Ultimate Guide To Indiependence

By Dylan Varian

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Indiependence is only a few days away so we said we would
put together the ultimate guide for everyone going. We’re going to guide you
through everything from packing, what to bring, which gigs are the best, some
tips on how to make the weekend the best possible and so much more. So get your
checklist ready because you’re going to need to take some fucking notes!


Ticket. That’s pretty fucking self-explanatory really.

Money. Money is vital at a festival or you just won’t survive. Whether that be because you’re craving another drink or you need to buy some food to help you cope with that hangover, or you are just innocent and want to buy some merch then either way you need to bring some damn money with you. But bring cash. You’re in a field. Ain’t nobody got time for cards!

Phone. Bring a cheap blockia. Don’t be bringing a fancy ass iPhone if at all possible because it more than likely will not be coming home with you. Or it will, but in a few different pieces.

ID. ID is vital for security because you will get nowhere without one. Well, unless like me you have a massive beard and they don’t ID you. Which to be honest I am kind of upset about. But to be safe, bring your ID. Garda ID or passport will do just fine.

Keys. While you may not need these bad boys to get into your tent at night, you will need them to get home on Monday. So make sure you put your keys somewhere safe and out of sight. Bury them in your bag inside some socks or something.



Raincoat. It’s Ireland. We need say no more.

Wellies. Again, same as above. You’re in a field for fuck sake.

Sun glasses. For the miracle that some sun appears, maybe one of the farmers sacrificed a goat or something. Or you’re too hungover to face the light the next day. Sun glasses are a blessing.

Hat. Whether that be a baseball cap for the day or a woolly hat for the night, both are kind of important. You’ll be surprised how damn cold it gets at night. And don’t even think about lighting a fire to keep yourself warm because you and everyone else are langers and you’ll burn someone or something.



Camera. For you know, pictures…

Tent. Well, we don’t even need to explain this.

Sleeping bag. Again, just like above really. Don’t be so stupid.

Pillow and a roll mat. For extra comfort. Otherwise you just got your tent and sleeping bag under your ass for the night and things get damp in a field. It ain’t pretty.

Chargers/batteries. Either bring your own portable one to charge your devices or be willing to pay to use a socket at the campsite. We’d recommend bringing your own.

Bin bags. Things will be filthy by the end of the weekend - you included – and it’s best to just throw all your dirty clothes into a bin bag to transport home because damn they and you stink.

Portable Speakers. If you’re planning on playing music at your tent bring some portable speakers. But I wouldn’t say too expensive. Honestly just don’t bring anything to a festival that is expensive because you probably won’t get it back. Seriously.

Toiletries – I’m not
going to explain these.

Toothbrush and toothpaste


Dry shampoo.

Hair Brush.


Wet wipes.

Condoms – Because, you know… Sex! This is both for the lads and girls. You never know. Best to be safe rather than coming away with an STD or an Indie baby.



If you need any medication remember to bring it. Any
diabetics remember to bring your cert to show you can bring needles past
security. Otherwise they may think you’re a heroin fiend. As for asthmatics,
you too. Bring your damn inhalers. Don’t do what I did last year and think you’ll
be fine and end up curled up in a tent trying to breath.



Lighter/Matches – for the smokers amongst you.

Duct Tape – for any holes that need fixing on your tent or a broken camping chair. Duct tape fixes all. And if it’s not fixed, you’re not using enough duct tape.

Flag – or something to hang off your tent to identify it. You will be langers. How can you spot your tent? Why yes, it’s the one flying the white flag with a penis drawn on it.

Blanket – for placing outside your tent during the day or night when you’re drinking or hanging with friends. The grass is fine, but it gets wet and mucky a few hours in. So it’s best to bring a blanket.

Alcohol – there is a limit on this a time. 24 cans and 1 litre of spirits. No glass is allowed in. However you can walk back outside and bring more in if you like. There’s no need to conceal anything in your anus. The folks at indie are pretty cool with this sort of stuff.



This is the main concern for everyone at a festival. What time are gigs on/where are they on/who is worth missing/who is worth seeing. It’s time to answer all those questions.

Here is a site map.


And the day by day breakdown of all the gigs!




Opens: 10am on Friday July 31st Closes: Car Park is accessible from 10am until 10pm each night depending on capacity. There is a cover charge of €10 per car for the weekend.


Opens: 12:00 to 00:00 Friday July 31st. 14:00 to 22:00 Saturday and 15:00 – 21:00 Sunday. Closes: Car Park is accessible from 10am until 10pm each night depending on capacity Note: Vehicular access out of the car park will be restricted at certain times due to pedestrian numbers. Once you have parked your car, please try to leave it so until its time to go home.


Opens: Midday on Friday July 31st Closes: 1pm on Monday August 3rd


Opens: 4pm on Friday July 31st Opens: 1pm on Saturday August 1st Opens: 1pm on Sunday August 2nd Closes: Nightly at 2am


With the likes of Jagermeister, Canadian, Kopparberg and Franciscian Well sponsoring there is bound to be heaps of drink and craic, but do be mindful to not go too overboard. Enjoy yourselves and with Basement Jaxx headlining the first night and Kodaline closing the entire festival we're sure there's going to be something special planned - especially when it's the festivals 10th anniversary.

Who knows. A ginger lad who likes to play stadiums may just appear. If that does happen, you heard it hear first! But it's probably not true.


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