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The 7 Best Places In Cork For A Casual Pint

By Dylan Varian

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Every city around the world can be a busy place and with many nightclubs and pubs catering to those out to party some places choose to not cater too much to the sloppy drunks you see fall out of the pub around 12 at night, granted these places below still get the odd few.

However some pubs are a lot better for just a casual pint after work, or a few before you head onto the nightclub. Some of the places below even turn from the casual pub to a much livelier scene turn evening time but they’re still a grand place to grab a few scoops while you prep yourself for the night ahead. So if you’re heading out in Cork this weekend, here are the best 7 places to grab a few casual drinks before heading off to the club.

1. The Old Oak


The old oak is a lovely spot for a few casuals with your friends after work, but it does tend to pickup on a Friday or Saturday night around 7/8 as a load of 18 year olds tend to flock here as it’s one of very few places in town that isn’t over 21s on a Friday or Saturday.

That being said it’s still a great place for a pint, and they do a great pint of Beamish too.

2. SoberLane


This is without a doubt the best place to go for a casual atmosphere with the most craic you’ll ever have in a pub. They do some serious munch there too including pizza with black pudding on it – don’t knock it until you try it.

SoberLane is constantly full of people up for a laugh, and that doesn’t exclude the staff who are constantly setting up bar games around the bar for everyone to enjoy. Plenty of beer pong will be played!

3. Reardens


While Reardens does turn into a nightclub/bar in the evening it’s still an amazing place to sit down and relax outside in the sun (if we ever get any). They open up the windows if there is any sunshine and damn the atmosphere there is epic.

Head along, grab yourself a nice pint of the cold stuff, sit back with your mates and have a laugh. Then get into the party mood if you’re willing to stay on for a bit of dancing.

4. SoHo Bar


This place is a lot more for the classier kind of folk. Many a time have I been here and felt somewhat underdressed and while everyone in here is looking absolutely stunning I feel like a potato in the corner.

My insecurities aside SoHo is still great craic and a great place for a casual few before heading on to the club to dance the night away.

5. The Washington Inn


Or ‘The Wash’ as it’s more commonly known amongst the locals is also another bar turned club and is often jointed on the weekends full of people looking for a good laugh and the shift. Live music is often played in here and as it’s just across the road from Reardens once they both close shop the party keeps on going out on the street as everyone makes their ways to either McDonalds or Hillbillys just around the corner in search for their late night munch craving.

6. Electric


Not only does Electric do one of the top 10 coffee’s in Cork, but come evening time it also has one of the most relaxed atmospheres
in the city for anyone to enjoy a pint. Anyone left standing come closing time
often head on to the VooDoo Rooms. Worth taking a look at and they often have
Stevie G or someone doing some live music in their too on the weekend.

7. The Fran Well


The Franciscan Well is a landmark in Cork for their
amazing craft beers and the pub has a great atmosphere. Stroll in, try a few of
their different brands then head over the river onto a club. Or, just
stay there all night until close trying as much beer as you possibly can. This
is a craft beer aficionado’s paradise.

How about you, Corkonians? Where else do you suggest
for a nice casual pint? Whether it be for a few before heading onto a club, or
just a few before heading home to bed after a few pints with the lads after
work. Let us know in the comments below.


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