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13th Sep 2019

24 Hours In Tramore: A Nostalgic Surfing Paradise

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

If you didn’t visit Tramore during your childhood, did you even exist?

Tramore evokes memories of family staycations by the sea, throwing hissy fits as a kid because I wasn’t allowed go on my seventh amusement and having a sticky nose from the dried up 99 that had missed my mouth.

Great times, right? 

It seems, however, that I have never had the urge to go back and I’m sure many of you have felt that way too.

Why is that?

I don’t really have the answer, but I will try to convince you to relive this nostalgic surfing village as I did a few weeks back because it’s such a GORJ place in summer.

Here are my top tips:

Stay In: Fitzmaurice’s Camping Site

If you’re going full hog on the nostalgia vibe, head to one of Tramore’s camping sites.

Now, I have a bit of a bias to this one because it shares my surname but it’s also one of the most popular camping sites in the village.

My boyfriend and I travel around Ireland in a campervan and this site is up there as one of the nicest we’ve been to.

Go Surfing

Tramore is a deadly spot to catch some waves, whether you’re a beginner or intermediate.

There are quite a few surf shops around the area that will rent you wetsuits, shoes and boards for a reasonable price. I rented mine from Tramore Surf Shop. The staff were super sound and really friendly.

It’s right beside the beach, so it means you won’t have to trek too far with the board in hand – ideal.

I headed out for about an hour; it was some of the best craic I’ve had.

Be A Kid Again At The Fun Fair

While in Tramore, I had to get back to the amusements and arcades. It felt like nothing had changed, maybe an extra rollercoaster or two, but it still has that real old-fashioned seaside town vibe to it.

I felt like I was in a really tacky Disneyland and I was living for it.

I played a few of the games, won a shitty teddy, rode the bumper cars and tucked into a drippy cone – there’s no better way to escape the stresses of adulthood.

Order Fish And Chips From Dooly’s

Don’t be going to any fancy restaurants or brunch cafés in Tramore – get yourself a salty bag of fish and chips from Dooly’s and munch on it by the sea.

Dooly’s is the best place for fish and chips in Tramore, so expect to be queuing for a while.

Nothing tastes as good as a bag of chips after being in the sea for an hour or so.

Watch The Sun Set From The Shore

Finish off the day watching the tide come out and the sun set over it.

What a spot!

Where’s the most underrated travel spot in Ireland?