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20th Dec 2016

A Classy Affair – Deanes


If you’re a fan of seafood then Deanes Love Fish is the place for you.

It was our first day in Belfast, and after the drive and a full day’s work my stomach was grumbling. Deanes had been recommended to us, and thankfully it was just two minutes walk from our hotel, The Fitzwilliam.


I was impressed the minute we stepped into the place, it felt really stylish yet homely. I felt comfortable right away and was eager to see the menu.

Myself, Louise and Daniel were all quite hungry so we were anxious to order but firstly I needed a glass of wine, house white please! I asked for a 7up to create a spritzer but received a club soda, however the wine was so good it really didn’t need anything with it. It was incredibly crisp and tasty, and if I didn’t have work the next day I could definitely have drank a few more.


After scanning through the menu, myself and Louise decided to share the fresh crab on bread to start and I ordered the Prawn Curry with rice.

The crab was impeccable, it was just so fresh. The prawn curry was very light, and the sauce wasn’t thick as I had expected but it was tasty none the less. Considering we were eating pretty late, I was happy the food wasn’t too heavy.


As we were finishing up our main course, a man to my right began to pester us and ask us a huge amount of questions – he was extremely persistent and put us all on edge.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the staff noticed what was happening, and he created an extremely eerie feeling in the restaurant. Thankfully he left a few minutes later and again we could settle and enjoy our surroundings.


When the waitress approached the table and asked did we want to see the dessert menu, I already knew that I was getting the chocolate brownie. Daniel ordered the Lemon Cheesecake and Louise asked for an extra spoon.

The three of us picked away at both desserts, but I have to admit I ate most of the brownie – Anna doesn’t like to share food!

The brownie was drizzled with cherry and accompanied by vanilla ice-cream. It was perfect – just what I wanted. I could have stayed in Deanes all night, It was a fine dining establishment with a homely charm which is an awesome combination.


So my advice to you is, if you’re ever in Belfast make time to visit Deanes, with a few hours to spare because it’s a place to enjoy and appreciate.