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01st Oct 2018

PIC: This World Famous Singer Secretly Stopped Off For Grub In A Louth Restaurant Over The Weekend

Darragh Berry

Imagine being in here, hungover on a Sunday morning getting your fill in the hope of curing yourself and seeing this.

You’d be double-guessing yourself and wondering if all the alcohol in your system was now making you see things.

This small Louth restaurant had a very special visitor on Sunday morning and they said his appearance would leave you “raging that you didn’t call in.”

World famous singer, Cliff Richard stopped off for some brekkie before heading to Belfast for his concert.

Richard is 77-years-old if you wouldn’t smile and honestly still looks as good as he did in the 60s.

We’d love to know whether he went for something healthy or something hearty.

If the pictures not coming up for you in the article, you can find it here.

Honey Beez Coffee House is described as the “best brekkie in town” by most of the people commenting on the photo so we can’t wait to have a taste in there some day.

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