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30th Jan 2020

Palas Galway is running a dog-friendly cinema date for you and your furry best friend

Sarah Finnan

cinema screening

Have you ever wished that you could bring your furry best friend along with you to the cinema?

I know I have. Going to the cinema with your pals is great and all but bringing your dog with you would just make the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

Known for being pet lovers (like us), Palas Cinema in Galway has been running dog-friendly movie screenings for the past two years. And we love them for it.

This month will see the Palme d’Or award-winner Parasite light up the big screen. Also nominated for six Oscars – including Best Picture – the film follows the story of the Kim family, who scheme to become employed by a much wealthier family. Taking place the morning of February 9th.

Doggy-friendly cinema

What makes it dog-friendly you ask? Noise levels are reduced, lights are kept slightly lit and the volume is lowered – all to accommodate more sensitive ears. Barking and drooling won’t be frowned upon either- from the dogs that is.

A spokesperson for Palas told Lovin:

“The feedback we have been getting has been overwhelmingly positive. People find it difficult to find doggy-friendly venues and hate to leave their dogs at home over the weekend. The dogs are always incredibly well behaved, adore getting to meet new dogs and watch the movies with their friends.”

Doggy-friendly cinema screening Is that not the most wholesome thing you’ve ever heard?

Kitted out with a dog-friendly bar area, Palas cinema has also been known to put on elaborate brunch spreads so keep an eye on their website for future events.

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