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PIC: How An Post Delivered This Letter With Its Shite info Is Beyond Us

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An Post are just unreal.

No matter how vague, badly written or just blank the front of the letter/parcel may be, they’ll manage to deliver it and if you don’t believe us look here, here or even here for further proof.

Oh, and here too.

They came across a letter in the north part of the country that had feck all information on it and of course, they still managed to deliver the goods because they are An Post and that is what they do, baby.

Reddit User, invalid337, shared this on site and we believe that the user is in fact ‘Paul, the English fella’

Paul An Post

Donegal is a big place and although Doochary is only a small village, you’d still need to know the area inside out to find the English fella that drives the green car.

Fair play, An Post.

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