PICS: 'Gorgeous Donegal Waterfront Hideaway' Looks Plain On The Outside But Majestic On The Inside

It's no wonder that this has a five-star rating on airbnb

Donegal Waterfront Hideaway Main

On first glance, this doesn't look like a whole pile.

The house honestly looks like a caravan that you could have brought yourself and plonked on the edge.

But then you see the scenery that surrounds it and the inside of the house itself and you immediately fall in love.

It's absolutely no wonder that this gorgeous hideaway in Donegal has gotten a five-star rating.

Now I understand why they wanted to build a wall around old Donegal.

Donegal Hideaway 1
Donegal Hideaway 2
Donegal Hideaway 3
Donegal Hideaway 4
Donegal Hideaway 5
Donegal Hideaway 6

"You have exclusive use of TWO cool buildings: 1. The Shepherds hut with sleeping, dining, kitchen, shower room 2.

"The converted shipping container with fireplace for evenings watching the sunsets and loads of decking and outside space and your own small lake."

"A getaway for architects, designers, and those that love nature. We've designed a unique shepherd's hut and 'outdoor room' (from a converted shipping container) on a beautiful granite rock overlooking Traighenna Bay on the Wild Atlantic Way.

"Snug evenings by the fire, days on the beach or up in the mountains. There's nowhere quite like our Donegal Hideaway."

We agree, you can find more pictures here and try and book the hideaway which is going for just €59 a night.

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