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03rd Sep 2018

PICS: An Unbelievable Amount Of Rubbish Has Been Left Behind At The Electric Picnic Campsite

Kiara Keane

Electric Picnic is over for another year, but the clean-up is looking like it’s going to take a fair amount of time.

It’s been reported that a huge amount of tents and rubbish have been left behind at the site in Stradbally, Laois.

The rubbish is equal to 10 kilos per person – half of which is said to be made up of discarded tents alone.

That’s said to be partly down to the “mistaken belief” that the abandoned tents are donated to charity, which isn’t necessarily the case.

Friends of the Earth said that a lot of the tents aren’t in good enough condition to be given to charities, as reported by the Irish Times, and many end up being sent to landfills and incinerators.

Cara Augustenborg from the charity said:

“Waste is a huge problem at music festivals because people bring inexpensive camping gear and leave it behind, often mistakenly believing it will go to charity.”

Main image via Ed Rice

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