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11th Aug 2018

PIC: Galway GAA Fans Will Be Very Angry With This Dublin Store’s Sign Ahead Of Semi-Final Clash

Darragh Berry

The Dubs’ dominance in the footballing world in recent years has just been something else.

They’ve gone on unbeaten runs picking up Sam and Leinster titles on numerous occasions along the way and this year has been much of the same.

Leinster title in the back, unbeaten and really untested in the super 8s and now they are just two games away again from retaining Sam.

They face Galway, a team who until this year had failed to win in Croke Park since 2001.

However, in 2001 something special happened, they brought Sam Maguire west of the Shannon and this year there’s buzz in the county that they might be able to do it again.

But, this Dublin store thinks otherwise. They see Saturday’s Semi-Final as nothing more than a “warm-up game” and don’t consider the Tribesmen serious contenders at all.

We’ll see who will have the last laugh come half 6 on Saturday evening.