A Galway Carpark Could Be Transformed Into A Permanent Covered Market

This will make what is already a superb city even better

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Galway's weekend market is one of the best in Ireland – we've raved about it before

But now there's something stirring in the west that could bring a totally new market to the city. 

A 7-day long, permanent, covered market, to be precise. 

While giving a talk at an NUIG conference, 'Galway: Today and Tomorrow', Seamus Sheridan of the wonderful Sheridan's Cheesemongers made a very exciting, and insistent, suggestion for the city. 

His idea is to transform the ground floor of Hynes Yard car park into a permanent week-long market, year-round. 

Which could only be a good thing. It would create jobs and encourage further tourism. There'd be even more choice, more fantastic produce, and a site to sell it all from permanently. 

Not to mention the social aspect. Sure aren't Galwegians the friendliest people in Ireland?

"We have no method for the distribution of any food that may, or could be, produced around Galway to get to us, consumers or chefs in the semi-commercial sector. It’s vitally important and it would create jobs."

Seamus Sheridan

Mr Sheridan talked about his envy of Cork's English market and said that something similar is a "lung" that Galway needs. 

Not only Galway, but Dublin, too. As we've mentioned before... and luckily things are starting to make shapes.

But we have even higher hopes...

For Galway, we think this could be really fantastic and will make what is already an superb city even better. 

I mean, how could we not? Markets make Ireland a better place, and using a car park to host one is beyond innovative.

The original Galway market shouldn't suffer either – the two could co-exist happily, in symbiosis and collaborate magnificently. 

Watch this space. 

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