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17th Jan 2020

Dungeons and Donuts: Galway’s hidden gaming dessert cave

Sarah Finnan

Desserts can be quite a divisive topic.

Some people love jelly, others loathe it (I’m in the latter group, yuck). Some lean towards cheesecake, others choose ice-cream every time (combine the two and you’re winning at life). Donuts, however, are one of those things that everyone can agree on.

The only thing to fight about is who gets the last one.

I’ve mentioned my affinity for the doughy, ring-shaped treat before – I talk about food A LOT in case you haven’t noticed – and since moving to Dublin and starting work at Lovin, where there are donuts aplenty, my love has grown yet more still.

Galway is still somewhat behind when it comes to donut establishments; low in quantity maybe, but not in quality.

Dungeons and Donuts on Lower Dominick Street can only be described as Galway’s hidden dessert cave.

Located downstairs in the Bridge Mill, most walk right by without ever knowing it’s there.

Marketed as a board-game café, it serves up a hefty offering of games to accompany its many donuts.

A great place to retreat and wait out the rain (which never seems to cease out west), the cosy interior is ideal for a game or two with friends.

Quirky, albeit somewhat nerdy, it fills a donut-shaped hole that Galwegians probably didn’t know ever existed.

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