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Gin Superfans Can Now Pick Up Their Very Own ‘Gin Passport’

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If you don’t know by now, there’s only one spot in Ireland that you need to go to if you love yourself some Gin.

When we first visited Tigh Nora in Galway – you can find the full review here – we came across the behemoth that was the ‘Gin Bible’ but now they’ve upped the game and introduced the ‘Gin Passport’.

If you love gin and sampling all the different brands but find it hard to keep track of the types you’ve tried, that day is about to end.

With a growing collecting of over 200 different types of Irish & International gins served in Tigh Nora, you can now pick up a copy of your personalised Gin Passport from Ireland’s most popular Gin Bar.

The concept is simple.

Next time you call into Tigh Nora ask a member of the team for your complimentary Gin Passport.

Fill out your details to personalise the passport, then every time you order a different gin or gin cocktail you can log it in your Tigh Nora Gin Passport.

To add to the Ginjoyment, every time you sample a different G&T you’ll receive a Tigh Nora gin stamp. On your 10th Tigh Nora stamp you can enjoy a complimentary Tanqueray 10 Gin & Tonic.


So it’s the perfect excuse to explore all the different styles including; London Dry, New Wave, Old Tom Gin, Navy Strength, Genever Gin, Gins of Ireland and many more!

However, the Tigh Nora Gin Passports are limited so you need to be quick if you want to get your hands on one.

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