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13th Sep 2018

VIDEO: Massive ‘Mayo For Sam’ Sign On 4k Billboard Screen In London

Darragh Berry

I’m telling ye lads. This year was just a bit of a blip, sure didn’t we all need the summer off after being in at least the Semis since 2011.

Okay, in all seriousness Mayo fans and players alike will be extremely disappointed that our championship campaign ended down in Newbridge in the third round of the qualifiers.

But, if it’s one thing that Mayo fans have in abundance, it’s resilience. We are the kings of getting knocked down and getting straight back up and doing it all over again.

Even in the run up to the All-Ireland Final, Mayo were still one of the main talking points as manager Stephen Rochford resigned from his post.

And even though Mayo are currently manager-less, we’re still confident that it’s going to be ‘Mayo for Sam 2019’.

One set of supporters are so confident, in fact, that they’ve decided to stick it on a 4K Billboard Screen in London.

FITAC Ireland were “delighted to have placed an advert on the new 4K screen in Piccadilly Circus, London, as part of our UK roll out.”

“We had a bit too much room left over in the scrolling banner so we had to fill it with something..”

Mayo For Sam 2019

We can’t wait to hear the cockneys shouting “Mayo for Sam, innit bruv.” Forget your Arsenals, Spurs, Crystal Palaces, Fulhams or even Chelseas, Londoners – this is the team to follow.

Sure, Gianfranco Zola was a little magician but have you ever seen Ciaran Mc slicing one over with the outside of the left from 65 metres out?

With The Pope signing a Mayo shirt breaking the famous ‘curse’ that’s supposed to be over Mayo GAA – and the long break this year, it has to be next year.



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