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08th Oct 2018

VIDEO: A Mayo Jersey Was Spotted In The Middle Of A Massive Brawl Between McGregor And Khabib Fans

Darragh Berry

As sure as night turns into day and as certain as Dublin are expected to win the All-Ireland at the start of each year, at all times, there’s always at least one eejit in a Mayo jersey in some corner of the globe.

This is not just a myth either, there was even a Facebook page set up to highlight this fact in the early 2010s.

Whether it’s a major sporting event or just a random Tuesday, there’s always going to be at least one fool wearing green and red within a five mile radius.

Hailing from the west myself, I often take the privilege of being that dope in an Elverys shirt from time to time.

So, it didn’t really come as much of a shock when a huge fight broke out between fans in the crowd at the McGregor v Khabib fight, and a person in a Mayo jersey was present.

But the Mayo man wasn’t stuck in the middle of the fight, oh god no, we learned our lesson from the All-Ireland Final against Meath in 1996. When you get involved in fights that you didn’t even start, it’ll end bad for you as well.

No, instead he was there to film the action which was probably sent around to dozen of Whatsapp groups back home.

We’re not sure if this is a Louisburgh lad, a wild buck from Westport or a cool cat from Claremorris so if anyone knows who it might be, hit us up please.

The picture first surfaced on one of Ireland’s biggest GAA platforms, Ah Ref! and the video below shows the fight in full.

The fella in the Mayo shirt appears at the 20 second mark.

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