This Resort In The Middle Of Nowhere Is The Life Detox You Need

By Alana Laverty

May 10, 2019 at 6:57am



I first visited Delphi when I was about 10-years-old on a school trip.

I remember kayaking, bunk beds, ziplining, wet suits, archery and chicken nuggets.

What I didn't remember was the total luxury.

From the bedrooms and thermal suite to the spa and The 814 restaurant – you would know the resort and adventure centre has four stars just from strolling through it and around its grounds.

Tucked away between the rolling hills of Connemara, the atmosphere at Delphi Resort is casual and cosy but professional and the staff are so accommodating.



In terms of lodging you can choose between the four star hotel or Delphi's Wild Atlantic Hostel (where I stayed as a young one).

We stayed in a lovely loft suite which was spread over two floors of total comfort and luxury. The bedroom was upstairs and looked out over the sitting room below.

I had the best night's sleep of my life in that loft.

Alternatively, if you're on a budget or travelling in a large group looking to have some craic then the Wild Atlantic Hostel is perfect for you!


We had breakfast and lunch in the 814 restaurant, and it was some of the best food I've eaten out west.

This was our view at breakfast:


And these are the beautiful creations we gorged on over the weekend:

Slow cooked pork belly with mushrooms and dauphinoise potatoes 

Risotto with mushrooms, truffle and parmesan 

And these beautiful deserts:

It goes without saying we were well fed.

The resort has a fully stocked bar, so you can enjoy everything from an icy G&T to a pint of the black shtuff during your visit.


The window in our room doubled as a door, so out I hopped only to be faced by the total, rugged beauty of the resort and a secret pathway to more heavenly views.

As for activities, we set out at 10am for the kayaking adventure of our lives on Saturday morning.

Paddling down the Killary fjord in the company of wild goats and sheep, we got to experience some of the most amazing panoramic views.

My American friend was speechless in the back of our two person kayak.

We headed back for lunch and then went on to undertake Delphi's Go Zip 'n' Trek, which I will warn you now is not for the faint-hearted or for those afraid of heights.

But if you're a fearless, adrenaline junkie looking for a bitta craic – you will love this <3

You're sure to be absolutely knackered after all your adventuring – so you can either head straight to the spa, or alternatively chill out with a book and some music in Delphi's Library.


Delphi's spa boasts everything from seaweed baths and facials to massages and various other body treatments – all glam 'n' gorge.

I spent an hour in the Thermal Suite steaming, jacuzzi-ing, sipping iced water and eating fresh fruit while staring out at the mountains of Connemara – just another day in the life (I wish).

Pure eye candy in one of the most relaxing settings I've ever found myself in.

Guests can use the suite free of charge for an hour and then pay €15 per person thereafter. Money well spent.

I also enjoyed a lovely VOYA seaweed bath (€39.50) after which my skin felt heavenly.

In a nutshell – Delphi is serene and soothing. If you're stressed out from work or life in general, you need to visit this spot and detox from your hectic life.

Leave your laptop at home, lock your phone in a drawer and just turn off the outside world for a few days.


You'll feel like a new person, reborn, rejuvenated and ready to take on anything life throws at you.