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14th Oct 2019

You Can Take A Poitín Tour At This Distillery In Mayo

Sarah Finnan

Only the Irish could be proud to claim poitín, one of the strongest alcohols around, as their own.

Before there was whiskey, there was poitín; the original Irish spirit. Having first been made by Irish monks in the 6th century, you could say drinking it is a religious experience.

Though with some brews boasting an alcohol content of 60-90 per cent, it’s most definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Braving a sip will put hair on your chest and light a fire within you.

The Straw Boys poitín tour is a free guided tour of the Connacht Distillery, that delves into the history and methods of Irish poitín making.

Bottled at 45 per cent alcohol, theirs is malt based with “the unmistakable taste of old fashioned poitín”.

Tag along and you’ll learn about the art of copper pot distillation and even get to sample the goods after…if you dare.

Part of Taste the Island, the tour is to celebrate National Poitín Day which falls on November 16. Find out more here.

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