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09th Jan 2020

Nine of the tastiest vegan eats to try in Galway this week

Sarah Finnan

No, vegans don’t just eat salad.

Being vegan is tough work. A lot of meal-planning is involved because trust me, there’s nothing worse than arriving home STARVING only to find the fridge empty (the same applies whether you’re plant-based or not).

Luckily, finding tasty vegan eats is no longer half as difficult as it used to be and Galway is overflowing with delicious things to try.

Here are nine things we want to sink our teeth into this week.

Kick things off with a fry. We Irish love a good fry.

This seitan burger because obviously. Drool-worthy.

Introducing the ‘Vegan Beanus Williams’ pizza from Dough Bros.I mean the name is reason enough to give it a whirl.

The ever-changing Gerona hotpots will fill you right up. Keep your eye out for the vegan squash, cumin and spinach one.

If meatball subs were your jam before choosing to go vegan, you have to try the beetball marinara at Café Temple. Topped with vegan cheese…need I say more?

Pancakes had to feature (do you know me at all?). These ones come adorned with flowers. FANCY.

Lime does some of the best vegan Asian food around.

Pasta is the answer to every question and that’s a fact.

Let them eat cake! Let them always eat cake. This coffee walnut cake looks positively scrumptious.

(Header image: @lighthousevegetarian on Instagram)

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