Nougat today, thieves - stolen ice cream sign returned to rightful owners in Donegal

By Fiona Frawley

May 17, 2022 at 11:05am


They've got 99 problems but a missing ice cream sign ain't one.

A giant stolen ice cream cone has been returned to its rightful owners at Tobin's Garage, Letterkenny after a swirl-wind kidnapping.

A step-up from the stolen traffic cone days of yore, the 15kg ice cream cone was lifted from the Port Road garage and later discovered in a room at the nearby Mount Errigal Hotel.

The hotel shared an image of the cone being carried through their doors on Facebook yesterday morning, with the caption:

Attention all shop owners in Letterkenny, an Angelito ice cream cone sign has been located here in the hotel.
Please get in contact if your sign is missing.
As ice cream puns sprinkled the comments section, the post was brought to the attention of garage owner Eddie Tobin and the thief was screwballed.
In an interesting Maxi-twist of events, the ice-cream bandit had also been captured by Tobin's CCTV, as exhibited in these freeze frames shared by Donegal Daily.
Smooth Criminal - CCTV images of ice cream cone being lifted from Tobin's Garage, via Donegal Daily 
All's well that end's well as the cone has now been returned to its rightful owners, and justice has been soft-served.
Header image via Donegal Daily