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09th May 2017

PIC: Did Justin Bieber Get An Irish County Tattooed Onto Him?


You don’t have to be a Belieber to know that Justin Bieber likes tattoos. He’s covered in them, and according to this website (yes, of course there is a Justin Bieber tattoo website), his current count is 57 at the time of writing. 

That’s a lot of ink. 

We also know that Justin loves Ireland. He never misses the opportunity to perform here, he’s been out on the lash here several times and he never gives up the opportunity to get some sight-seeing in.

But does he love Ireland enough to get a tattoo of his potentially favourite county?! 

Twitter user Nicole Ward keenly spotted this upon gazing at his toned and decorated torso, and decided to tweet her findings in an attempt to find an answer. 

…you can’t unsee it, right?

Well, as it happens, it turns out that Mr Bieber doesn’t have ‘Longford’ tattooed across his chest, but actually ‘Son Of God’, proclaiming his faith. 

Pity, could’ve been the best thing to ever happen to the Leinster county. 

Oh well, we guess we can always pretend…

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