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14th May 2021

PICS: This 15th Century castle in Kilkenny would be a cracker staycation for your group of mates

Brian Dillon

PICS: This 15th Century castle in Kilkenny would be a cracker staycation for your group of mates

This 15th Century castle in Kilkenny may be the most unique accommodation option in the area.

Because of the pandemic, staycations are the new thing. We’ve really come to appreciate the best of what Ireland has to offer, just like this castle in Kilkenny.

Kilkenny is, by all means, a worthy destination for your next staycation with your pals. But where will you stay? There are some great hotels in Kilkenny, but I have to say, this 15th Century castle may take the biscuit when it comes to accommodation in the area.

Tubbrid Castle is a unique 15th-century tower house. Having been uninhabited for the past century, it has been restored to its former glory to become an unreal stay for groups of pals and/or families.

Some of the gorgeous features include a powerful rainforest shower, a lovely deep bath, large window seats with velvet cushions, a grand oak banqueting table and a roaring log fire.

stairway in a castle in Kilkenny

There are three bedrooms in total, with two of them featuring a king-sized bed each and the other with two double beds.

The host gives a few details on the interesting history of the place, writing, “In 942 AD, Muircheartach, King of modern-day Ulster, marched his army of 1000 Leather Cloaks south to avenge his allies, who had been attacked by Callaghan, King of Cashel. Muircheartach’s bard, Colmanach, recorded the journey in an epic poem, Circuit of Ireland, in which he praised the beauty of Osraí (now Kilkenny), and the hospitality of its people.

“At the edge of enemy territory and on the cusp of battle, Muircheartach’s army set up camp in Tubbrid, on a plain that a millennium later is still called Bán an Champa (the Field of the Encampment). The King himself is thought to have slept at the fort where Tubbrid Castle now stands. A thousand years later, the people of Kilkenny still pride ourselves on our warm hospitality and from the top floor bedroom of Tubbrid Castle you can survey Bán an Champa and enjoy lodgings befitting a king.”

For more information about it, head here.

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