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20th Apr 2017

PICS: We’ve Found The Café With The Prettiest Food In Ireland


Are you comfy?

Good. Because you’ll want to settle in for this one.

We’ve potentially found the café with the prettiest food in the country.

And no, we’re not exaggerating.

Behold, The Nook, Main Street, Collooney County Sligo

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We know, right?

This gorgeous Sligo café serves up some of the most aesthetically pleasing dishes we’ve ever seen. Garnished with edible flowers, colourful fruits and vegetables and delicate toppings like a crumbly feta or crispy bean sprouts – these guys’ meals are absolute works of art.

And it seems that Nook’s incredible dishes haven’t gone unnoticed…

The team only went and bloody won Georgina Campbell’s Newcomer of the Year 2017.

Not too shabby, eh?

Chef Ethna Reynolds is the brains behind the operation, making plates of wholly Irish food with a big emphasis on local, Irish and organic ingredients. The menu changes monthly, and never disappoints, with all food cooked to order. No freezing here, lads.

And if you think it’s just food they whip up, think again…

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They serve incredible drinks too.

Their Unicorn Hot Chocolate is nationally famous, and their Reese’s peanut butter creation is a treat for the ages.

Should you find yourself meandering around Yeat’s Country any time soon, we implore you to try out the most gorgeous little spot we’ve ever seen.

Nook Café is located at Main St, Collooney, County Sligo.