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07th Jan 2020

Six insanely fun ways to keep fit in Galway

Sarah Finnan

No doubt the fitness goals are in full swing…but are they being implemented?

The problem with making loads of aspirational health and fitness resolutions is that oftentimes they’re far too ambitious and so you burn yourself out before you’ve even really started.

Committing to going to the gym seven days a week, twice a day is not realistic…saying you’ll try out one new exercise class to keep fit is and a good place to start.

Small steps, it’s only January 7th after all.

Here are six insanely fun activities to try out in Galway to help you keep fit.


Boxercise classes have become quite popular as of late and are a great way to get a really good workout in while still having loads of fun. Classes involve a variety of moves and techniques based on boxing training concepts. Get all your frustrations and stress out on a punchbag and you’re guaranteed to feel miles better.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is pretty much yoga done in a very warm room. Not for the faint-hearted…or the vain for that matter – there is a lot of sweating. A LOT. Hot yoga comes in many different styles, with Bikram yoga probably being the most well-known. High temperatures make for an intense workout so make sure you’re well-hydrated.


Jumping? Yes, you heard me right. Jump for joy in Galway is a fitness centre specialising in jumping fitness (as well as pole dancing and conditioning classes). Well yes actually. A low-impact way to get your heart rate up – much easier on your joints than jogging- and a really enjoyable way to keep fit. One class can burn up to 800 calories, so it’s no joke.


You can’t go to an Irish wedding without knowing how to jive so make 2020 the year you perfect your moves. Dance teacher Niall Doorhy believes that anyone with any kind of ear for music can dance. Yes, that means even you and I. Go alone or bring a pal, either way, it promises to be a laugh and an insanely fun way to get moving.


Get your adrenaline pumping with an indoor rock-climbing session. A total body workout, start out with a harness and rope and work your way up to bouldering (no rope)…if you dare. Anyone who’s walked past the Kingfisher on the NUIG campus has no doubt considered scaling the indoor wall at one point or another. Go on, give it a go.

Scuba diving

Galway is literally right on the water, perfect for water sports aficionados. Suba diving is a very cool way to stay active. Galway Dive School offer all sorts of packages from night dives to shore dives, boat dives, cave dives and drift dives. All equipment and tank fills are supplied as well as professional guidance by experienced guides.

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