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08th Sep 2017

The ISPCA Is Seeking Permanent Homes For 17 Puppies

Alana Laverty

The ISPCA in Longford is seeking forever homes for 28 Jack Russel terrier dogs and puppies. 

The national animal welfare charity responded to a call expressing concern for dogs left breed freely.

The number of dogs was spiralling out of control when they intervened and brought them to the National Animal Centre for veterinary care. 

“While we are pleased to have been able to intervene before any major welfare issues arose, spaying or neutering would have prevented these unwanted litters of puppies from being born in the first place. The rescue and rehabilitation of such a large number of dogs and puppies places a significant amount of pressure on the ISPCA, both financially and also in terms of accommodating such an influx of animals. Ireland already has a serious problem with stray and unwanted dogs.”

Chief Inspector Conor Dowling

Fortunately, the dogs showed no signs of harm or ill health. 

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“The ISPCA is reminding pet owners that spaying or neutering not only brings many benefits for both owners and their pets, but it also reduces the risk of certain cancers, having a positive benefit for health and lifespan and curbing unwanted sexual behaviour or marking. In the majority of cases, neutering or spaying is the kindest thing you can do for your pet so please speak to your vet today.”

Dowling said that, “Owners need to take action to have their pets neutered or spayed now to end this cycle of pet overpopulation.”

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If you can provide a permanent home for one of these pooches then click here for more info. 

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