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10th Apr 2018

This Boozy Escape Room Is Coming To Dublin And Galway For A Limited Time Only


There’s two types of people in the world: those who like escape rooms, and those who don’t. If you’re the latter then we think there might just be a way to convince you, and it’s all to do with Coors Light. 

If you already love escape rooms then consider this your lucky day. Friendships have been put to the test and many a combination lock opened in other adventure style escape rooms but now you can cheers to your success (or failure, whatevs) with a cold beer at the end. 

Kicking-off in Dundrum Town Centre before making its way to Galway’s Spanish Arch, Coors Light has announced a one-off escape room experience with your friends that ends with an ice-cold Coors Light, with tickets for the whole thing just €8. 

Here’s what to expect from this icy escape room: 

“There’s been an avalanche at the Coors Light Thermal Research Facility high in The Rocky Mountains and participants need to find a way out. As adventure seekers step into The Challenge Rooms, the lights are down and the power has been cut. 

“In order to bring the themed experience back online, groups must come together to solve puzzles and clues to restore the Coors Light facility. Groups in each of the four rooms will be up against the clock to see who can escape first!”

WARNING: If you don’t at least try to solve the clues your mates will get mad at you. Trust us. 

The Coors Light Challenge Rooms test participants’ teamwork and communication skills in a unique way that inspires “friendly competitiveness and good craic”, according to the beer brand. 

The rooms can be played by a diverse range of players and the most successful teams are those that have players with a variety of experiences, skills and knowledge.
The Coors Light Challenge Rooms are open in Dublin from April 10-15 and Galway from April 24-29.

To claim one of 64 tickets to the Coors Light Challenge Rooms at 3pm or 3.30pm today at Dundrum Town Centre, simply use the promo code Rockies104 HERE — but you better be quick!

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