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09th Feb 2017

This Adorable Dog Was Rescued From A Wheelie Bin In Meath


Nothing makes us sadder than when animals are mistreated, so when we saw this Facebook post of the unfortunate state this dog was in when he was found in a wheelie bin, our hearts twinged.

Discovered scavenging for food in a wheelie bin in Meath, the dog – now christened Noah – was rescued by animal charity Last Hope, a voluntary organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of domestic animals.

According the the charity, Noah was “filthy, skinny with months worth of matted hair, muck and faeces hanging from his body, Noah had clearly not been groomed or felt the touch of a brush on his hair for a very long time.”

Pjimage 4

Noah had no collar, was not micro-chipped, and despite his poor condition is “the sweetest dog with the most amazing temperament.” Last Hope reckon he’s about six years old and are desperately trying to find his owners.

In the meantime, they’ve cleaned him and given him the TLC all good doggos deserve. Just look at him!

Pjimage 5

If you think you recognise Noah and can help to bring him home, or are willing to support Last Hope and help them with any volunteering or fostering, you can contact them at [email protected]

Although Noah’s original condition is distressing to see, the charity say that they are “trying not to judge, we’d ask you to please do the same…he could be somebodies stolen or missing pet or he could have been straying for months, so for now we will keep that open mind.”

We hope Noah finds the loving home he deserves!

All images:Last Hope Charity

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