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30th Nov 2017

This Attempt At Doctoring Tax And Insurance Discs In Bray Is A Work Of Art

James Fenton

Anyone who owns a car will be familiar with the impending sense of dread that comes having to renew tax or insurance on their motor. 

While the more organised folks among us get things sorted months in advance, others leave all the paperwork to the last minute and end up panicking that everything gets sorted in time. 

One driver in Wicklow had an idea as to how to avoid all this unnecessary stress by producing a hilarious attempt at doctoring their tax and insurance discs. Needless to say, Gardaí caught up with the culprit yesterday and impounded the car in Bray. 

The ‘insurance disc’ appears to be a Permanent TSB banking slip while the colouring in on the tax disc has to be commended. 

The worst part is they only had two days left until the end of the month. So close but yet so far. 

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