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20th Nov 2017

A Bar In Tipperary Is Doing 99c Pints For Black Friday This Week


While many flock to the shops to get their hands on the biggest Black Friday money saving deals, a pub in Thurles is offering a boozy alternative with drinks for just 99c this Friday.

Lar Corbett’s and Coppingers which is owned by the former All-Ireland winner Tipperary hurler, will be doing pints of Guinness and Heineken for 99c.

The bar is also including vodka and Red Bulls as part of the 99c promotion.

Lar Corbett’s and Coppingers shared the news on their Facebook page yesterday:

The bar is set to open at 10:30am in the morning and there will also be free food on offer at 2pm to soak up all those beverages.

So if you’re looking for drinks on a budget it’s a great deal – just watch how many drinks you actually have…

While it has sparked some outrage online for the amount people can drink for so cheap, the Irish Mirror reported that the bar manager confirmed there would be a cap on how many cheap drinks one person could buy.

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