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15th Mar 2017

This BYOB Music Festival In Louth Is The Place To Be On Paddy’s Day


If you can’t think of anything worse than watching a local parade float by this St.Patrick’s Day, then you might be into this new festival taking place in the woodlands in Dundalk, Co. Louth.

‘Higher Vision’, set in the “rolling moors” of Bellurgan Manor, is a festival of electronic music, performing arts, artisan food, a fun fair, and art installations – and it sounds AMAZING.

The festival’s mysterious description says that it’s “an elevated sense of reality awaits you deep in the woodlands ideally situated equidistance between Dublin City & Belfast City; Bellurgan Park Manor has stood tall for 300 years.

“It holds the ghosts of its past and the potential for clearer intuition. A Higher Vision.” Oooooh. 

The line-up so far is pretty solid (although people have noted the lack of female djs represented – let’s get on that people!), with high quality acts such as Julio BashmoreEjecaDimitri From ParisDense & Pika,  Josh Butler,Denis SultaI Hate ModelsFJAAK and loaads more on the bill.

The organisers say that “it’s a celebration of the Island’s talent and how international artists move and inspire us. 
“On the most celebrated day in Ireland, it’s a demonstration of how far the art of electronic music has come on this land, and how much more there’s left to achieve.”

Plus, in case you’re thinking “shite I’ll be stuck in the woods in Dundalk for the entire night”, don’t fret, because Higher Vision have even arranged for a shuttle bus service to and from the festival site. 

Sounds good to us!

The festival kicks off at 2pm on Friday, and finishes up at 3am – fab. Tickets are €75 and can be bought online here.

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