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This Stunning Kerry House Is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen

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Each week we bring you the most outrageous and most desirable houses on the market in Ireland, that make us all want to pack up and leave.

For this week’s dose of unreal real estate, we’re going down wesht. 

This lodge-inspired house is located right on the water of Oysterbed Pier, and sits on a nice little 7 acre grounds.

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This little spot is nice and secluded; it’s located on the Ring of Kerry with its own access to the water, so you can go sailing whenever you want.

The house comes with a private boat house, as well as a landscaped patio. 

You’ll never have a dark day in this house, as the house boasts window on every floor that leave the rooms flooded with light. 

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Just imagine those views when you wake up, and the silence and tranquility. 

With a roof terrace and a library, you will be permanently relaxed here. 

There’s also a private leisure retreat, with a yoga room and an artist’s studio. 

Think of all the hobbies you could hone when here. 

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This serene spot is on the market for a mere €1,200,000. 

So, y’know, very reasonable. 

With private gardens, access to the water, an ideal location that’s close to Kenmare and views that’ll leave you spell-bound, this property is a special one. 

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