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21st Jun 2017

WATCH: Justin Bieber Wasn’t Too Happy To See These Fans Videoing Him In Maynooth Earlier

Alana Laverty

The Justin Bieber buzz is real folks. 

Throngs of people legged it over to Bushy Park in Dublin to catch a glimpse of the singer-songwriter yesterday evening when he was spotted playing some basketball over there. 

After reportedly booking out Carton House, Maynooth in its entirety, Justin has been popping up around the place ever since. 

Yesterday, he enjoyed some nachos. 

Today? He was caught looking less than pleased to find fans recording him strolling down a Maynooth street. 

You can hear a bit clearer here that he’s saying “You think that’s nice? I’m guessing you guys think that’s nice to put-“, as he holds his laptop up to block the camera. 

We assume he means to shove an iPhone camera in his face?

I mean, can you blame the lad? Imagine total strangers recording your every move?

Especially while wearing that white socks and sandals ensemble… morto.

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