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Seal Rescue Ireland Is Looking For Help With Adorable Rescue Seals In Courtown

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Seals are the dogs of the sea.

They’re super friendly, playful and downright adorbs.

Seal Rescue Ireland are looking for some helpers to look after some rescue pups and I can’t think of anything better tbh.

Seal Rescue Ireland is a charity that rescues, rehabilitates and releases native seal pups found sick, injured or orphaned across the coast of Ireland.
As the only seal rescue centre in the Republic of Ireland, they respond to reports nationwide and promote ocean conservation and sustainability through active education, community engagement and research programmes.
They have an enthusiastic team of volunteers currently that care for the seals and have a lot of knowledge regarding them.
During the experience you will follow the team while they teach you about our native seals and their required husbandry.
One of the volunteers will take you on a backstage tour of the facility and introduce you to the seals in care.
Together, you will clean the pools and kennels, feed the seals and help them with the daily care. You will learn about our Irish seals and get the opportunity to work with them up close.
This is a social impact experience where 100% of what you pay for this experience goes to Seal Rescue Ireland.
The experience takes place in Courtown, Co. Wexford and costs €50per person.
To learn more, click here. 
Such an amazing way to give back!

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