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17th Sep 2019

Wicklow Heather Has Been And Always Will Be My Favorite Restaurant In Wicklow

Alan Fisher

I really love this place.

It’s so warm and cosy, filled with hearty meals and it’s just very Irish.

It’s why I’ve always been excited about going here ever since I was a young lad.

The Wicklow Heather is situated right beside the incredible Glendalough so it’s the perfect place to divulge in some stunning food after a long walk.

I used to go on family outings to this place and I cherish those moments. It’s the perfect place for these family outings and I always think about them when I return.

During the summer you can chill outside in the cute surroundings and in the colder months you can cosy up to the fire.

The staff are always friendly and happy to help in any way.

This is before you even start on the incredible food.

They have such a big menu but I always return to the same few options.

I regularly get the steak or turkey and ham but sometimes I just need something wholesome and tuck into bangers and mash.

Oh, and the desserts. The chocolate brownie: