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27th May 2017

You’ve Seen ‘Redwater’ – Now Get To Know The Real Beauty Of Dunmore East

James Fenton

In recent weeks TV audiences on both sides of the Irish Sea have been hooked on ‘Eastenders’ spin-off ‘Redwater’ which is set in Dunmore East, Co. Waterford. 

The series follows established characters Kat and Alfie Moon who make the trip over to the sunny south-east in search of the former’s long lost son. 

Dunmore has always been one of the most picturesque villages in Ireland but it’s only since ‘Redwater’ that we’ve seen just how good it looks on screen. 

We’re not sure if Will Smith has any Irish relatives but if he did we reckon the Fresh Prince would have moved in with his aunty and uncle in Dunmore East.

If you’re wondering which weekend to visit, we reckon booking early for the annual Bluegrass Festival which takes over the town at the end of every August. 

Here’s how to spend a day in what is now the most famous village in Ireland. 

Have breakfast outside the Bay Cafe

Overlooking the harbour.

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Take a walk along the pier

Dust off those cobwebs.

Have a look at the church made famous by ‘Redwater”s murderous priest Father Dermott Dolan

But keep your eyes peeled.

Take a walk along the hills

We recommend going behind the Harbour House (a former convent at the top of the village, now an apartment block) for some of the best views in Ireland.

Spend some time at the beach

Check out all the nooks and crannies of the hidden coves.

Take a breather at The Strand 

Have a pint in the most scenic beer garden in Ireland.

Haven Hotel

Resembling a real life ‘Fawlty Towers’ but without the chaos. A marquee is often placed outside with live music and plenty of space for kids to run around. 

The musical tree carvings are a must-see.

Finish your night at The Spinnaker

With live music most weekends. The front bar is a haven for signed memorabilia from a host of famous visitors.

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