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04th Aug 2018

10 Hilarious Photos That Prove Online Shopping Is A Risky Move


The only thing better than shopping is shopping from the comfort of your sweet, cosy bed. Seriously, there’s hardly any need to hit up the shops in person anymore.

Except for the minor detail that is this: you never know what absolutely bonkers stuff you will actually receive.

Trousers that are 8ft long? A top that barely fits your cat? Who knows. Here’s some of the funniest things people have been sent that don’t look ANYTHING like what they were expecting.

Sure look, thank Christ for free returns amirite?

1. These trousers that were clearly made for Slenderman

2. This pillowcase that was pretty different than the photo

3. Jeans that wouldn’t even fit Naomi Campbell

4. A minuscule dog bed that actually looks pretty cosy

5. These “Yeezys” that would give Kanye West nightmares

6. A Teddy Bear that would give EVERYONE nightmares

7. What is this? A chair for ants?!

8. Okay seriously, how tall is the average person supposed to be

9. A necklace that has a slightly different slogan than expected

10. And finally, this terrifying sheet mask that looked way cuter on the packaging

This is the universe’s way of punishing us for being so lazy. 100%.

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