10 of the Best Durex Ads

By louisejohnston

August 4, 2018 at 3:18pm


Let's be honest, we all love a good condom ad. Its the blend between the risque and schoolboy giggles that makes them so perfect. There have been dozen upon dozens of epic, memorable Durex ads and commercials over the past few decades- But these 10 deserve special recognition:

10. Happy Father's Day

The text says enough. Clever.

9. Comparing Prices

In order to hammer it home the importance of condoms to young people Durex released this hilarious ad to show the price difference between thinking and not being prepared.

8. The Urinal

Promoting their XXL size condoms. No explaination needed.

7. Banned Commercial

Made in 2001, some of you might remember this ad which was eventually banned. No idea why cause its a brilliantly produced ad for its day. Also amazing to see what a difference HD has made to video quality.

6. Extra Large

Happens on the beach all the time says you!

5. Love Is Blind

Pointing out the obvious when it comes to love. STDs sneak around when you don't wrap up the gash mallet.

4. Kids Cost Money

If you hate kids then bloody hell dude do the very best you can and avoid the sky high costs of paying for a human being to survive in the 1st world.

3. Roger More

"Roger More" (a play on the famous 007 actor Moore) for Durex Performa which was banned in the UK, also won an award for Best Use of Typography at The Roses Advertising Awards 2004.


This poor woman had to get first aid over to fix her mouth after she, erm, ate something really big. Smart marketing.

1. Get It On

In a league of it's own, this ad is by far the best condom commercial ever made. These bunnies made from blown-up condoms simulating an orgy just gets us every time.