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16th Jun 2018

11 School Tours Every Irish Person Definitely Went On As A Child


Ah, primary school. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

But no matter whether you hated your teacher and could never remember your times-tables, the light at the (sometimes) very dark tunnel was always the school tour.

Every year you wondered where you were going to go, if it was going to better than last year and of course, who you were going to sit beside on the bus.

If you went to primary school in Ireland, there’s no doubt you probably went on at least three of these classic school tours.

1. Clara Lara Funpark

Admittedly, I never got to go to Clara Lara myself but I was always so jeaous of those who did. The stories I heard made that place legendary.

2. Turoe Pet Farm

This was a classic for those in the Galway area, and many a birthday parties were spent here too, you lucky ducks.

3. Newbridge Farm

Irish schools just could not get enough of petting farms, and Newbridge was frequented by a lot of them. Baby goats are adorable anyway, no matter your age.

4. Causey Experience

Many a shoe were lost in the bog in Causey Experience, but it was worth it.

5. Glenveagh National Park

We were probably too young to appreciate what a beauty this place is, but can you blame us? We were only babas.

6. Newgrange

You all managed to fit in the small passage and got to see it light up and then went home.

7. Viking Splash Tour

You wore the hats with pride and shouted at the passersby with gusto. Them’s the days.

8. The Gaeltacht

If you were super lucky, you got a cheeky trip to the Gaeltacht as a school tour, so you could experience the stress and awkwardness of céilís long before your adolesence.

9. Fort Lucan

Fort Lucan got visitors from near and far to try their magnificent slides. Somehow, they don’t seem as impressive when you’re three times bigger.

10. Peter Pan Fun World

This housed one of the most legendary Coca-Cola slides. Ever. Fact. Unfortunately it is now closed down, so all we have left is the memories.

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11. Bray Sea Life

The excitement when you got to see a Nemo in REAL life. Nothing like it.