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18th Aug 2018

11 Times Irish Mammies Proved They’re The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread


Irish mammies are the beating heart of our entire nation – they’ve taught us always to eat our brekkie, to make sure our hair is dry before going asleep and never, ever to sit down on a cold step.

They’ve also been the stars of some absolutely quality viral videos that have made many a person in the country scream with laughter.

From the cutie who tries to whack a spider with her spatula, to the mammy who gets the surprise of her life when her two sons pop out of a box having arrived home all the way from Canada, they make for great entertainment.

We <3 you Irish mams – you are da best… Here’s our viral ode to you:

1. This mammy giving her son grief about his Irish Oral exam

“Cad as tú Robert? Cad as tú?!”

2. This mam who’s terrified of spiders

“Ohhh oh go goo onnnnn just do it JUST DO IT”

3. This Irish mam whose son “swims” all the way home

If you don’t have tears in your eyes when the mam runs towards the sea you’re empty inside

4. This mam who may be the most Irish of them all

She printed off her hotel directions in Harvey Norman. One screenshot is simply all of Iceland. In the sea.

Irish Mammy Printout

Source: Oh My God What A Complete Aisling

5. This gas character trying Virtual Reality for the first time

“Shhh… He’s sleeping… SHHHHHH.”

6. Irish mammy vs. bee – who will win?

“Where is he?? Where IS he?!” This is a personal fave.

7. Mammy’s boys come home – by jumping out of a box

“I thought it was a fridge or something!”

8. This poor mammy gets stuck

Pull out that leg, QUICK!”

9. This mammy who was part of a Christmas prank

“I THOUGHT OF THAT AT MASS” – God forbid anything happens the Crimbo ham.

10. This mam gets the surprise of her LIFE

We’ve never seen a mammy freak out like this <3

11. And this Ice Bucked Challenge fail…

Irish mammies just cannot get to grips to with the camera

Never change Irish mammies – never change.

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