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30th Jan 2020

12 tweets that prove people are so over January

Sarah Finnan

January blues

We’re almost there lads. Just two more days to go.

Has January always been this long? This month has felt like it’s lasted an eternity – I’m very ready for it to be over.

Looking for solace, I turned to Twitter where others have also been expressing their distaste for January. It seems the blues have gotten to us all.

But – there’s strength in numbers as they say, and together I think we can do this…at least I hope we can.

Succinct and to the point – this month has lasted an eternity.

Not even that Friday feeling could save us.


T-minus two days.

A whole mood.

Broke is an understatement.

If you completed dry January, I’m seriously impressed.

The Mondayest January ever.

Godspeed pals.

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