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14 Signs You're Slowly Turning Into An Irish Mammy

By clodagh

July 10, 2017 at 4:55pm


The Irish Mammy is a curious creature. One that we love and admire, but not one that we necessarily want to become. 

They say that all children turn into their parents eventually, but sometimes this happens earlier than expected.

Maybe one day you realise that the children outside are making far too much noise, or you wonder how the young ones could be warm enough in those skirts.

Or maybe you simply call teenagers "young ones".

Whatever it is, if you recognise any of these signs, then you're turning into an Irish Mammy.

1. You start to doubt the power of medicine

There's nothing a cup of tea and a good night's sleep won't fix.

2. Technology begins to elude you

Snapchat? You've just about gotten the hang of WhatsApp.

3. You question the motives of young people in movies

Ariel, you are 16, you are a child. Sit down.

4. Comfort is all you need

I'm talking pyjamas two sizes too big, tracksuit bottoms that don't give you a camel toe and shoes that don't leave you hobbling around the next day. 

5. You start to tune into The Late Late Show  more often

And what's more, you start to enjoy it.

6. You begin to refer to those under 18 as "young"

And everything they do is cute, bless them. 

7. Pet names are the new way to refer to your friends

Gone are the use of first names, and everyone is referred to as love, pet, sweetie, chicken.

8. Homeware is your latest addiction

Handbags? Shoes? A new dress? Why would you need them when you can buy another ten candles for the same price?

9. You question the fashion trends nowadays

And you wait for the day when you can peacefully buy jeans with no holes in them.

10. Nights out slowly become nights in

You can't face the thought of the queues, the cold and the noise.

11. You drink as much tea as humanly possible

You don't even want to think about how many teabags you go through a week.

12. You like to prepare for any eventuality

Your work desk is full of plasters, pens, vitamins and you never ever, under any circumstance, leave the house without the appropriate outerwear.

13. You lament the way things were

The minute you offer criticism on how things are done today, that's when you know you've hit peak Mammy.

14. You start to appreciate good drying weather

Good weather means good drying and that is a gift in itself.

Ah, but you have to love them/us all the same.

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