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13 Things You'll Recognise If You've Been On A Night Out In Galway

By mariemadden

February 9, 2017 at 3:19pm


Ah Galway.

Jewel of the West, city of festivals and the best place in Ireland to go for a session by a country mile.

Whether you're on a hen party or just fancy a bit of divilment with your mates, it's hard to beat the music, the friendly faces and the absolute madness that you'll find here.

Not convinced? Let us present our case...

Getting chatted up as Gaeilge

Forget tired chat-up lines, there's nothing like a bit of our native tongue to make us go weak at the knees and the chances are considerably higher in Galway


Shop Street is a music venue all of its own

It's completely acceptable to have a bop if you come across a daycent busker

Shutterstock 567081817

You'll spot a drunk eejit talking to Oscar Wilde

And about 50 taking selfies

Shutterstock 180537953

You'll hear Galway Girl played about 5,427 times

Blame the tourists.

You can never judge a pub by its cover

Business at the front, party in the back


Crossing the bridge is like entering another town

The newcomers never venture past the Spanish Arch

Shutterstock 36319390

Chances are, you'll bump into a few familiar faces

You wouldn't know who you'll come across down in Galway. It's officially home to the Celeb Hotspot Of The Year, don'cha know.

Teresa Mannion is also known to frequent these parts.

You'll always come across an impromptu singalong on your way home

Who can explain that sudden urge to sing The Auld Triangle at 4am?

Shutterstock 485317333

Supermac's will probably be the best craic of the night

A chicken burger meal and some breakdancing? Sound.

You can have a brilliant night without leaving Eyre Square

Quiet pint? Watch the match? Bit of a dance? Some soakage? Not a bother.

Shutterstock 172122452

It's a rare night when you won't come across a stag or a hen party

You almost feel underdressed without a veil and some L Plates.

Shutterstock 243743023

The plan never goes to plan

Sometimes you'll end up in a lock-in with some new American friends, other times you go feeding the swans down the Claddagh after closing. One thing is for certain, you can never predict how the night will end.

At least if you wake up in some stranger's gaff, it's not too hard to find your way home.

Shutterstock 480888811

There's ALWAYS an after-party

And there's at least a 50% per cent chance that it's in Corrib Village


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