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27th Oct 2017

14 Of The Very Best Irish Tweets Of The Week


It’s that time of the week again.

The time where we share the very best of Irish Twitter on our social platform to show off what a gas bunch you all are. 

G’wan you!

This week is no different, you guys have killed it once more. Just see for yourself…

1. Modern day romance

2. Lost in the lingerie section


4. Ermgahhhrd

5. An Irish Nightmare; Part II

6. So alt

7. Albert Einstein the 2nd

8. Same

9. “Can I tap?”

10. Sad but true

11. When will I told I’m a Princess of Geneva

12. Dublin Punk

13. #goals

14. Every. Single. Time

Have we missed any? Let us know or tag @lovindublin in the funniest tweets!

Header image:@Aislinglaughs/Twitter

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