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20th Dec 2016

15 Photos That Will Completely Satisfy The Obsessive Compulsive In All Of Us


Some of us don’t give a crap if shirts are un-ironed, if desks are messy and if tupperware is stacked with all the lids on all the wrong boxes.

Most of us, though, take at least some pleasure in seeing things lined up to within a millimetre of perfection, and knowing that order and sanity still reigns in some corners of the world at least.

Sit back and enjoy these, because you really couldn’t have done them better yourselves…

1. These Christmas decorations, organised perfectly from last year

2. This person who put some proper order on the sweets ahead of movie night

3. The sheer perfection of this snow plough’s work on the slopes

4. The bookcase of all our dreams

5. This make-up that’s been stored exactly as it always should be stored

6. Making sure the fun is all well planned in advance for the kids

7. This shop assistant taking some pride in their work

8. This mess-free prep for the week ahead

9. This perfect matching of grapefruit to container

10. This person who sorted all their spare change from travelling

11. This person who wastes no time in getting dressed

12. These crisps that make us happy

13. This shop that was specially designed for obsessive M&M eaters

14. And finally, this car that has the perfect chocolate bar holder (provided you always go for a Snickers)