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06th Dec 2019

16 Things You’ll Only Understand if You’re The Baby of The Family


There have been many arguments over the years over which is the prime sibling position; the eldest, middle or youngest.

And it’s quite clearly the best to be the youngest.

Most of the time.

While the majority of the time you generally have a looser set of rules to live by, it also comes with some severe sacrifices.

If you’re la cadette of the family, then you’ll understand these things:

1. Lenient parents

Luckily, for you, your older siblings paved the way for you and ran your parents down until, quite frankly, they just didn’t care so much anymore.

2. Not knowing what new clothes feel like

Half of your wardrobe was pre-loved and ill-fitting clothes from your brother and sister’s phases gone by.

3. Bullying is a way of life

You can never have a serious conversation in your house without someone pointing out how young you are.

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4. Knowing you’re spoiled

And loving it.

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5. Your extended family refusing to believe you’ve grown up

To them, you’ll forever be in nappies. Lovely.

6. The heap of old Leaving Cert notes you inherit

Biology? Not that you’re studying it, but you’ve some past papers if you want to give it a go.

7. Teachers remember your siblings more than they remember you

“Ohhh, so you’re Laura’s sister!”

Every. Damn. Class.

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8. You get away with everything

You can blame anything on those who came before you, and it’s delightful.

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9. You learned an excellent array of insults from a young age

You knew all the cool ones before they were cool.

10. Your TV and food choices were taken last in consideration

God forbid you watched the movie you wanted to watch.

11. The middle car seat is your designated seat

Unfortunately. Doesn’t matter if you’re the smallest or the shortest – the middle is where you go.

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12. You feel the aftermath of your siblings’ bad decisions

You could never be trusted with an expensive phone because your brother broke his that one time.

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13. Being confused with every other member of your family

Particularly by Nana. They could never get your name right on the first go.

14. Having the worst chores delegated to you

You always had to pick up the rest of their shit.

15. Your family talking about Santa way longer than they needed to

But you didn’t want to break their hearts that you knew the truth.

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16. Your siblings sneaking you sweets when your parents weren’t looking

And when you got older, drink.